The Fog at Dusk

Fog at Dusk

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The Monkey

His name is Huckleberry. He’s not going anywhere.

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The girls on a summer night

Just trying out posting from my iPhone.

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New Foster Puppy

Meet our newest foster puppy (no, Molly hasn’t found a home yet, We’re +2 foster dogs) He’s cold and scared in the video but has been warming up (both figuratively and literally) to our house for the last week or so.

We’re accepting name ideas so if you have one leave a comment! He’s very nice and loves to play with Annie … I’ll try to get a video of that soon.

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Maybe global warming wouldn’t be all that bad …

Sometime Sunday night/Monday morning the two pipes to our upstairs shower froze and burst. Tuesday came the thaw and I came home to a waterfall in the dining room and study.

This is after turning off the water and some initial cleanup. The water had been running into our heating ducts … the water you hear in the video is just the water running out of one of those ducts.

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I was running around like crazy trying to find the source of the leak … the only place a hadn’t looked was behind the shower. A couple minutes with the RotoZip and I found the leak, or at least one of them. Both pipes had actually burst and one of the joints had cracked as well. Had to make another trip to Lowes this morning to get a few more parts to find and cap off all the leaky spots.

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Called the insurance company last night and they hooked us up with ServPro who came out and did some more cleanup and put out two big dehumidifiers and maybe 9 high powered fans.

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That’s about it for now … we’re suppose to get a call (hopefully tomorrow) from Paul Davis Restoration who will be the general contractor for the repairs.

Here’s a close up of the one pipe:

burst pipe

We’ll post more once we find out what’s going to happen.

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winter storm

more photos from January 2009…

winter storm, January 2009

winter storm, January 2009

winter storm, January 2009

winter storm, January 2009

winter storm, 2009

winter storm, January 2009

winter storm, January 2009

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No More Play?

Amy went out with the camera to watch the girls play … then they decided they’d had enough 😐

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